Senior Night

Min dator har valt att lägga av så har lite panic/ problem med mina bilder osv. Så nu sitter jag här i skolan istället utan åäö så det kommer ta hundra år att skriva ett inlägg så tänkte att jag gör detta på engleska istället!
Yesterday was my Senior Night! Senior night is the last homegame for the season, so the seniors play their last home game ever for Benicia high panthers. Before the game we wrote a little profile about ourselves, our future and people we want to thank for this year. This is what i wrote: My future plans is to go back to Sweden to finish high school and then attend college, I would like to thank my Swedish family for this opportunity, my American family and my teammates for making my exchange year one i will never forget and shape me into the person and player I am today.
 So they read that out loud in the speakers while i was escorted by my parents out on the field. We got flowers and presents from the rest of the team and then we played the game, 12-0, I actually scored the first goal within the first 30 seconds ! Super fun night, even though we have 2 games + playoffs left it kinda feels like the soccer season is almost over.


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